Monday, January 26

Now, y'all just settle down.

Hi, Folks.
We're taking a field trip today.
Our adventures will now be posted over at
Come play!

Thursday, January 22

what keeps me going

Yucky blah blah blah... it's not pretty around here. My attitude, my body, my motivation, the weather... not great combinations. There are a couple of things that are saving me:

1. To Kill A Mockingbird :: I am re-reading this slowly. I want to catch everything. I am in love with this girl Scout. She is everything I could have been as a child if I'd had an older brother to corral my confidence. Harper Lee is brilliant and may earn herself a child named after her if I have my way.

2. Starbursts

3. Everything on this website. I go here daily and pretend I'm ordering. Today, I'd like the sleeping bag in cowboy print. Thank you.

3. The HDTV commercial with the woman in a suit and heels jogging... I tried to find a YouTube of it, but no luck. Do you know what I'm talking about? She runs up to a stranger and starts talking about her new service... and then she pauses and yells, "I'm puuuumped!" Oh my word. I wait every night for a viewing of this commercial and I gutlaugh every time. It's so completely my favorite thing right now.

Since I couldn't find that clip, I'll leave you with my Beauty... who is the best thing goin' these days:

Y'all have a good weekend and be good, ok? Send me some Starbursts.

Monday, January 19

To whom it may concern,

To whom it may concern,

Katie has gone on a road trip for the day.
She got up early, put on real clothes, and went out into the real world.
She would appreciate your positive thoughts in the following areas:
not eating anything before purchase at Traders Joe's,
not falling asleep in any of the Ikea displays,
and not yelling at people to walk on the right side of the aisles.
Please, Lord, let her be a decent human being today in public.
Regularly scheduled blog-programming will resume on Thursday,

Thursday, January 15

I have done it.

Deuce Update: Baby #2 is 9+ weeks along... no discernible heartbeat yet which is normal. I'm +5 pounds. Doc says everything looks fabulous and don't forget to lay off the street drugs for the duration of my pregnancy. Good to know. Next appointment is February 3rd. Trying Unisom and vitamin B6 for the evening nausea issues. Craving: cheese like it's going out of style.

I now own an article of clothing that will define me in Ry's childhood. A couple months ago, I found the coat that could last me a considerable clothing-lifetime, and after a well-executed discussion with The Boy purchased it and floated out of the store.

It's Pata-gucchi, and I'm not afraid to admit it. When I buy long-term, I don't mess around. Lisa, you understand. I've never had such a lovely coat. Dressy but warm but cute but waaaaaaaarm. My history as a tomboy and non-clothes horse have left me with a number of sporty coats, but none that combine both form and fashion. This coat... this coat is genius. I'll wear it forever. It will join the ranks of my Chacos and Danskos, both of which will celebrate 10+ years with me this Fall. This will be the coat that Ry remembers when she's 35... "Yeah, Ma... you had this long black coat you wore all winter long. Not your barn coat... a nicer one. You wore it everywhere. All the time. When I think of you, I think of that black coat."

And I'll say, "Rylie, please. Memories tend to change a bit over time. It wasn't black. It was gun metal, which is so much cooler."

What will you be remembered for?

Mom, you are Chanel No°5 and purple Birkenstocks and grading papers.
Dad, you are shoe polish, motor oil (in a good way), and ketchup on eggs.

Monday, January 12

Mamma feels like poo.

Tomorrow is my first OB visit for Baby #2 (who desperately needs a code name). I have many questions already... namely why I seem to have skipped to the third trimester in sleep deprivation, food obsession, bathroom frequency, and jean-size by week 9. I'll let you know.

To keep my mind off the seasickness, I've been planning a trip to Trader Joe's and Ikea on MLK Day. As Laura said, "I can think of no better way to honor Dr. King's memory than by purchasing flat-packed Scandinavian furniture and organic rice pasta." Laura is often quotable. It's easy to like her.

One of my resolutions this year is to get serious about recycling. Initially, we paid the $14 extra a month to our trash company for the blue recycling box... but it filled rarely inconsistently. The walk to the end of the driveway was too long for a peanut butter jar and an empty can of corn. Plus, they only accepted 2 kinds of plastic. Petty, I know... but we rarely do things that are not easy or efficient or decorated well. A quick look at the closest transfer station revealed that trip of larger proportions every other month would allow me to recycle everything. EVERYTHING. If I could make a planned 26-mile trip to Rockford (um, Corner Bar hot dogs anyone?) every once in awhile, I could rid myself of some serious guilt. I'm gaining weight in every area these days. The guilt has got to go.

This means, of course, that I need cute, purposeful containers. Three, I think: a bin for metal, a bin for all plastic, a bin for glass. Paper will continue to go in a paper bag.

I also need/want some air-tight glass jars for simplicity. Brown sugar, rice, multiple pastas, soups, cornmeal, and Bisquick will all find new homes in jars that can live on the counter top or in the freezer or in the cabinets. Their original packaging will be recycled, of course.

It's something most people do already, I know. It's something TexasNorth will do better this year. I'm ready to shift gears. Does your community have a good/easy/friendly recycling system?

I also need these tins.

So, happy Monday to you! I hope this week promises you many laughs and much health and an exorbitant amount of *really* good bread.

Thursday, January 8

Oh my word, it's Thursday.

I swear, this baby in me is sucking the common sense life out of me. I'm losing my mind. My MIND, People. It will not let me sleep. It will not let me eat. It will not let me watch bad tv. But thank you so much for your excitement and your cheering and your carrying-on. From the bottom of my Texas Heart, thank you.

We've been trying over a year for Baby #2. The answer kept coming back, 'No.' While I preach and generally live by the 'Let it Be' philosophy, I find that extreme trial tends to bring out my Justice Complex. You know... the 'Hello, we're doing everything right the best we can so give me a baby! a vacation! a new church! red leather pants!' type conversations. Brilliant conversations to have with the Creator of the Universe, by the way. 'Hey, I think you're doing a crummy job.' says I. 'Oh yeah? Right back at-cha, Darlin'.'

I forget- every time, I forget- that I am living on borrowed time. I am spending borrowed money. I am raising a borrowed child and tending to borrowed land. It is not mine. They are all graciously given to me through no accomplishment of my own. In fact, if I were personally audited, I'd be given a one-way ticket to The Bad Lands... cause: Not Living Up to Fullest Potential and also BEING A WHINER. So, no audits. I take what I get. By grace, by Grace, I am blessed.

I am pregnant. And, I am joyful. I am scared and sick and thrilled... but I am joyful. I wonder what Child He is sending my way this time? Please let it be healthy and safe. And also, please let Curt let me name it Tess.

And please don't let it be a Little Curt.
We none of us are ready for that.


Sunday, Darling... you want your perfect tree to live forever. Here you go:

materials: kitchen or pruning scissors, florist wire, old wreath, lovely evergreen boughs
All materials can also be found with a quick trip to your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

1. Grab your old wreath off the front door. Curse yourself for the shabby shape it's in.

2. Trim your evergreen boughs until you have a nice stack to choose from. Grab your wire. Note: I used silver because it was on-hand, but there's also green which would blend in better.

3. Begin by laying one or two evergreen pieces down on the wreath with the stems sticking to your right. Grab your spool of wire and wrap around entire piece... wreath and boughs together. Continuing to your right, lay more boughs over the previous stems wrapping the wire as you go. The wire, from the front, will disappear into the branches. No worries.

4. Continue all the way around your wreath until it's as full as you'd like. Maybe add some holly berries to brighten it up a bit. That's it, Folks! Oldest trick in the book.

Love to you all... have a fabulous weekend.

Monday, January 5

hit and miss

Well, I made it to Pennsylvania, but Ry's still not talkin'. I did turn 32 in fine fashion with dinner and a movie, but it was not with Laura. I picked out stuff for the website design but made no contacts. The pillows and store update were always 'next' on my list, but then another rerun of Friends would come on and my motivation would fly right out the window. I started a sleeve on my lovely sweater, but it's not wearable yet. Esau's kin are having a heck of a time right now in the Middle East, so I failed on that one, too. The only thing I did manage to do was get pregnant. Smurf yourself a smile... did I get'cha?

Oh, Friends. It's so very early to be telling you, but I'm so very excited... and also scared to death. Baby #2 will arrive around August 17th... so I'm about 7 weeks along and definitely feeling it. I was the picture of annoying health with Ry, but this time around I'm seasick as all get out. There's been no *output*, per se, though I do feel that occasional physical proof of the nausea would help those around me understand that this is real. But, in the big picture, I am feeling just absolutely fine and cannot complain. We covet your prayers and well-wishes during this crucial time of development for the Little One. I am thankful to ride this out with all of you.

Happy New Year to you all.
It's so very good to be back in this little space.
See you Thursday...